Does my BUST look big in this?


ALONG with sobbing live on telly and stumbling drunk into police standoff situations, one of Paul Gascoigne’s better moments was the comedy breast.

When the thirsty footy ace returned from Italia ’90, he sported a pair of latex lungs, to fans’ delight. Now the rubber boobs have become a must-wear for tipsy lasses out on the lash. Gangs of cackling harpies don the £40 tits for hen nights as they screech through Friday night town centres full of alcopops. Inventor Graeme Candy said: “Girls and guys are obsessed with big boobs and I wanted to create something totally over the top but that felt real. “I use the same stuff special effects guys use on film sets so they look just like real ones, only much bigger. They’re massive in America and I’m getting plenty orders from the UK now too.” Holly Dickinson, 28, from Doncaster, who bought a pair for her hen night, said: “They were hilarious. “I couldn’t believe how many guys were staring at me when I had my boob suit on.”




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