I DIDN’T MEAN THAT! – Autocorrect mayhem for iPhone users


BACK in the olden days, when we needed to communicate, we’d have a conversation or perhaps write a letter.

Now we can text or – as the young people would have it – txt each other. To make matters even more complicated, boffins decided it would be a good idea to let our mobile telephones “guess” what we are trying to type in our texts, to save time typing.

But this works about as well as a trolley trying to guess what you want to buy when you do a big weekly shop…not very well. And the Autocorrect function on Apple’s iPhone appears to throw up some spectacular howlers.

Like everything else in modern life, this mildlyamusing idiosyncrasy has become an internet smash.


Sunday Sport technology editor Harrington Tweed said: “These bloopers make me laugh like a drain. “It’s the totally sick, bang-on-trend cultural zeitgeist, innit?”




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