THE PIP implant scandal is outrageous. I’ve got model friends who’ve had these dodgy breast ops and it’s terrible what they are going through. The clinics charge an absolute bomb for boob jobs. You are looking at least £5,000-a-go.

Surely in that fee there must be some kind of insurance policy so that if something is wrong with the implants, they can be removed. This isn’t just a vanity issue. These implants, made by Frenchman Jean Claude Mas, are dangerous. They should never have been used in the first place.


Instead of medical gel, they are filled with the same substance that is used to pad out mattresses, for f**k’s sake. Women who have had them have had their implants rupture and ripple, ruining their bodies and making them ill. These clinics have a duty of care. I can’t believe they aren’t insured to remove and replace these things and help these poor women. Washing their hands of them is just a disgrace on the part of these clinics and for the NHS to turn their back on them is just as bad.

I’d much rather my taxes were spent helping these poor women than on gastric bands for fat people or benefits for people who can’t be arsed to work. None of these women would have allowed a surgeon to put implants in knowing they were a ticking timebomb. They deserve our help –not to be left terrified that these implants they thought were perfectly safe might kill them.

JORDAN seems really happy with her new man, multimillionaire Michael Parnes. I know I blow hot and cold on Jordan but I would like to see her settle down with someone who treats her right and I hope for her sake this fella is genuine. But I also think it would do her the world of good to spend a bit of time on her own. She’s too needy and could do with realising she doesn’t need a man to make her happy. Then she might stop bouncing from one bad relationship to the next and find someone who she actually wants to be with.

I KNOW I don’t need to tell you fellas but I really do feel the fittest I’ve ever been. It’s been a hectic few months with Christmas and me working lots on my webcam, and I’ve managed to lose nearly half a stone. I’ve gone from 8st 5lbs to 7st 9lbs which is pretty bloody trim if I do say so myself. You’ve be glad to hear I’ve not done some boring diet. I’ve just been running round like a blue arsed fly and masturbating lots! So maybe I should do a fitness DVD like all the other celebs and share the secret of my trim figure? If your missus is moaning about wanting to lose weight, tell her to ditch the diet and get shagging and w*nking instead!


THE pictures of the cruise ship Costa Concordia that sunk at the weekend are astonishing. It’s mental to think in this day and age where we have so much computer technology that a ship can just hit some rocks and sink like the Titanic did 100 years ago. Watching the terrified people on board fighting to survive was just awful. It’s disgusting that the captain Francesco Schettino allegedly just jumped ship at 11pm - when people were still being rescued four hours later at 3am. Apparently cops think he might have been ‘showing off’ which is terrible when he had the lives of all these poor people in his hands. I’m also appalled to hear that members of the Italian crew elbowed their way past pregnant women and mums carrying their children so they would be first in the lifeboats. There’s still 30 people missing and it’s not looking too good for them at all. To think their lives could have been saved had people not been so selfish makes me sick to the stomach.

I’d castrate animal beasts

WHAT is wrong with people who want to torture animals to death? I was horrified to read about Eric, the stallion who was mutilated last week by some sick bastards who gouged out his eyes and cut off his genitals near Falmouth in Cornwall.

It actually made me cry, thinking about what the poor animal must have gone through. I find it hard to read about these hideous cases but you can’t ignore them either can you? Apparently police think it has something to do with St Winebald Day, where Satanic nuts celebrate with a bloody ritual. What owner Dawn Jewell must be going through is horrific. My heart goes out to her.

It’s so devastating to lose an animal anyway – but to know they have suffered horrifically, well I just don’t know how you can ever move on from that. Whoever did this sickening deed needs to be caught. If I had ten minutes in a room with them, I would castrate them with the bluntest, rustiest knife that I could find. I want to help catch them in anyway I can, so if anyone reading has any information on this despicable crime, please contact Devon and Cornwall Police or the RSPCA

I WAS sad to read about the death of newspaper columnist Sue Carroll. I know her from her old days as a hack at the News of the World and The Sun when I first started out as a model. She was a great journalist and a lovely lady who will be sadly missed. I loved reading about her running away from a bunch of Devil worshippers that she’d infiltrated by pretending to be a virgin in just her underwear. What a brilliant woman. Stories like that are what newspapers are all about.

I’m really excited about the Sport’s new Britain’s Hot Talent glamour search. I’ve had a fantastic career working as a model and I think it’s really exciting seeing new faces come into the industry. My hot new face for 2012 is a blonde girl called Jennifer Jade (left). She’s a stunning girl and I think she will go far. She’s actually 26, but has just got into glamour modelling and is absolutely gorgeous. She reminds me of Jennifer out of Dallas. Classy but sexy too! It goes to show that if you set your heart to something then you can do it. I’m amazed it’s taken her a while to get noticed but I think she’ll go far.




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