“You can look at his face and see him enjoying it”

A YOUNG stunna is all very well for a man’s ego, but what he really needs is a self-assured woman who’s hungry for man-flesh and makes no bones about it. Such is a MILF, a woman of a certain age who has been round the sexual block more than once. A woman not afraid to open up about sex. We’ve found TWO…


JEN: Do you like having sex outside?

LISA: You won’t believe this but I have never done it outdoors. It’s something I plan to put right in the New Year, when the warm weather comes, of course. I’m putting it down as one of my New Year resolutions for 2012, one that I’m NOT going to give up on!

JEN: Really? You’ve never done it al fresco? You’re absolutely right to want to put that right. Any idea where you might fancy breaking that particular duck?

LISA:Absolutely – I want to have sex in the sea. I imaging the motion with the waves smashing against you must be amazing!

JEN:Better wait for your holidays to do it, it might be a bit chilly in the sea off Southend at this time of year. I’ve done it on the beach once – it was summer I hasten to point out. It was when I was on holiday in Corfu about six years ago, and even though we were both quite drunk it was romantic floating in the sea and having it off in the moonlight. I loved it and would love to do it again. It’s always a thrill knowing someone might catch you in the act.


LISA:What’s your favourite position when you’re on the job, girl?

JEN: I’m a bit of a stick-inthe- mud actually, I prefer guys being on top. I like being dominated in bed, you see. There’s something so, I don’t know…right about it.

LISA:Don’t do it down, that’s my favourite, too. It feels so nice when a bloke is on top. It feels like they are really going about their business seriously.

JEN:There must be some other positions you enjoy getting into, though?

LISA:Girl on top is nice. You can make sure you get him to hit the right spots and wriggle around until you do. I like it from behind sometimes, as well. Quite a lot, actually. I love it because it makes me feel sexier and ruder. If your bum is lifted up in the air it makes it look firmer too. Plus they can’t see your belly. I also like spoons when you are cuddling and they just enter you from behind. And I really enjoy doing it in front of a mirror because you can look at his face and see how much he’s enjoying it. For me it’s not all about position but the time of day. I love it in the mornings when I’ve just woken up. He does, too. I think that covers just about everything!


JEN: Do you have anything that gets you all excited?

LISA: I’ve always wanted to go on a night out and meet someone I don’t know. It would be passionate and he would lift up my skirt and do me behind some club. We wouldn’t even talk to each other, really. We’d just have pure animal sex.

JEN: The idea of doing it in the open is exciting for me. That’s my always on my mind.

LISA:I reckon it all depends where you’re doing it? Back in college I saw one girl, a right goer, have it off in the athletics sandpit, you know, for the long jump. Everyone could see them. It was shocking. I think they got expelled.

JEN: Classy!


JEN: Do you like giving pleasure?

LISA:I love it. I think his think it’s as sexy as hell!

JEN: If I’m with someone I care about, I enjoy giving them because it gives him such a lot of pleasure. Plus I am good at it – just ask anyone who has had one. I’m top dog!

LISA:There’s that eternal question about what to do with it, but I find I get so horny and wrapped up in the whole moment I don’t even think about it.

JEN: I don’t particularly like that bit, but it’s never put me off!


JEN: Do his dimensions matter, would you say?

LISA: I don’t think it does, not a lot. If they’re smaller they tend to know it and compensate in other ways – ways I rather like, as it happens!

JEN: I think it depends on what does it for you. Size has never been a factor in making me reach a climax, though I do like the sight of a big one. It seems to promise so much more, even if it doesn’t deliver.

LISA: It doesn’t matter to me, as long as it is not too small.

JEN: Can you have someone who is too small? I’ve not had a small one. It must be rotten for the guy involved.

LISA: What’s the biggest you’ve ever climbed on?

JEN: It would be about eight inches. I’m not very good at measuring but I’d say that was a good guess.

LISA: Yes, my biggest was about that too but his was about two inches wide as well. I liked that!


JEN:Have you had a standout sex session?

LISA: You know I have, with that guy I met a couple of months ago. He was Latvian, or something like that. It was good because, not only did he know what he was doing, over the space of nine hours we did it seven times, which is pretty impressive. If a guy can get it up seven times and do something for the girl, he deserves a medal for services to womankind! How about your personal best?

JEN: Mine was with someone I liked for ages and it was excellent. It shouldn’t have happened, but that made it all the better. We just connected and the sex was out of this world. It was definitely the best I’ve ever had. Ooh, I’m feeling all horny just thinking about it!


JEN: How do you feel about casual one night affairs?

LISA:They are all right. You can let go and enjoy yourself.

JEN:I have had a couple. They are good because you can do things you would normally be too embarrassed to do. If I was with someone I liked, I would try to impress but with a one night stand I would just get on with it and have a good time.

JEN: They are good because you can have fun and you don’t have to see them again afterwards.




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