Sunday Strip – Amy Hannah


AWESOME Ami Hannah has a sizzling secret – she keeps her curves in shape with lots of CHIPPY TEAS! Yes, fellas, you read that right. The gorgeous 19-year-old swears that a good fry up is the key to maintaining her fab figure. Ami, who has 32C-24-35 curves, used to work in a fish and chip shop before making it as a glamour girl, but says she’ll never forget her roots. She recalled: “The lads used to come in and call me ‘that fit bird who works in the chippy.’ It was rammed every night. “I had to give it up when my modelling took off but I still like to go back for the odd chippy tea. A little bit of what you fancy does you good!” We reckon her customers will be made up to see Ami unwrapping her baps today!




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