FOR most people, reaching for a plate of biscuits during a tea break is the most natural thing in the world.

But for elderly folk in one care home it’s a rare privilege to be FOUGHT for… with SWORDS! Sick care staff force vulnerable OAPs to battle each other, in savage rapier fights, for a custard cream or a jammy dodger.

For a slice of Battenburg or Victoria sponge, the frail pensioners are even coerced into bouts of Korean wrestling or Hungarian stick fighting.

Sunday Sport has a shocking video of the evil regime at Journey’s Eynde Nursing Home in Manchester, showing:

A CARE worker snarling, “Biscuit time!”

TERRIFIED OAPs squaring up and doing battle for “prizes”

The audience of old folk — just like YOUR granny — feebly crying “Fight! Fight!”


The home — owned by a consortium of Turkish businessmen — keeps 20 OAPs in a state of terror, according to our source.

The whistleblower — who begged not to be identified in case his elderly mother becomes a target for reprisals — said: “When my mum told me the nurses made them fight with swords for biscuits I thought she’d sunk further into gagaland.

“I hid a video camera in mum’s knitting bag to see if it was all true. “Thanks Sunday Sport for exposing this — the public needs to know.”

A spokesman for the care home was last night unavailable to comment.

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