“Once you do it they want it all the time…”



ALICIA: I lost count of the number of guys I pulled during Freshers Week, it must have been over 20! Some of them were just a quick kiss in a club, but I did get a bit more naughty with a select few. I took a guy back to my halls for sex on the very first night,which was a bit embarrassing in the morning because I hadn’t even met most of my other flatmates.

HELEN: I pulled a few as well, but nowhere near 20! I’m the only girl in my flat so I went out with all the guys. I think some boys were a too intimidated to approach me because I was surrounded by blokes. I only went home with one guy, but he was so good in bed. Some people say one-night stands mean rubbish nookie, but I now know that’s total b******s! It was a nice way to settle into a different city, that’s for sure!


HELEN: I find it’s really hard to have sex in halls because the bloody beds are so small and squeaky! The rooms are tiny, too, so you can’t really get the whips and chains out! I’m naturally quite loud when I’m doing it. And yes, I’ve already been nicknamed ‘Screamer’ by my mates, but it’s not my fault. I can’t help being a bit vocal in the heat of passion.

ALICIA: I think most students just expect to hear each other at it. I know one girl and I swear she puts it on, moaning way too loudly, just so everyone will hear and know she’s pulled….AGAIN! I know another girl who has knackered her bed already. She says the struts just gave way as she was trying to get into the Reverse Cowgirl position. They both ended up sprawled out on the floor, covered in bruises. Don’t know how she’ll explain that one to the Hall Monitors.


ALICIA: There are some bars in town where it’s virtually impossible NOT to pull. They’re just total meat markets. You’d need to have a metal nose and three eyes not to get at least a snog. The other night I went out and pulled three lads who were all mates. It was like a competition between them, as they tried to see which one was going to take me home! I even snogged a random girl in front of them just to tease them even more.

HELEN: You saucy mare! Which one did you go home with then?

ALICIA. None of them! I got bored of that group and ended up with this really hunky rugby player off the uni team. He was in his second year so I went back to his shared house and we bonked on the weights bench in the corner of his room! I really hope I see him again because he’s well fit.


HELEN: I’ve tried it a few times. It’s alright, I guess. Once you get into it and prepare well it can be quite nice, but I definitely prefer normal sex. It’s OK to do something different from time to time but I’m not really that adventurous — normal is best for me.

ALICIA: I quite like it. I did it a few times with my ex and it gets better with practise. I think a lot of guys are obsessed with it but girls aren’t into it as much. It can be quite sexy because it’s so naughty, but not all the time.

HELEN: Yeah, I find that once you do it they want it all the time, but there are other parts a woman needs satisfied! I think it’s good for a treat though, and it often gets you what you want!


HELEN: I’m torn on this subject. I’ve kissed girls and I’ve really enjoyed it. In fact, I’ve often told friends that I think I’m a little bit bisexual. But I don’t know if I’d ever have the guts to have actual, proper sex with another girl. I think I’d enjoy it…

ALICIA: I guarantee you would! Last summer a group of friends and I stayed in a caravan in the Peak District. We ended up leathered and playing strip poker. Long story short, the boys all passed out blind drunk, and me and this gorgeous girl ended up having a naked fumble on the floor. I would never had done it without the help of the booze, but it was a really memorable night.


ALICIA: I don’t actually own any sex toys anymore — I think I burnt my old one out! I was seeing a guy who was obsessed with them and bought me a really expensive vibrator, which was amazing. What I loved was that he used to enjoy just watching me use it on myself. And then I’d get double the pleasure once I’d finished, because he’d be raring to go.

HELEN: I don’t have any, either. I’ve never actually tried one, and none of the guys I’ve been with were really into them. One guy I went out with was really into dressing up, though, and used to buy me loads of saucy outfits. He was a big Star Wars fan and bought me the full Princess Leia get-up. I felt a bit weird wearing it but I can honestly say it was the best night of sex I’ve ever had!


HELEN: I’m not quite sure how anyone gets into a threesome situation. It’s not like you can just approach two fellas and go, ‘Fancy a ménage a trois, lads?’ But if it ever did happen I definitely wouldn’t turn it down. I think most girls would want to give it a go, no matter how much they might tell you they don’t.

ALICIA: It’s easier to get into that situation than you think! I was staying over a friend’s house and I ended up sleeping in bed with a girl and a guy. I barely knew them. We were all just crashing wherever there was space. During the night I had a bit of a kiss and cuddle with the lad, and all of a sudden I felt a pair of hands fondling my boobs. I knew it wasn’t him because his hands were elsewhere! It turns out this girl had woken up and tried to get in on the action! Weird experience, but great all the same. I ended up using my hands on her as the guy carried on with me. It was all so sleepy and surreal and I didn’t quite know if I’d dreamt it the following morning.

HELEN:Oh my God, that sounds so amazingly erotic!




Written by Sunday Sport

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