RAMPAGING killer Raoul Moat cooked and ATE this pensioner’s pet kittens, the distraught granny has sensationally claimed.

Hulking nightclub doorman Moat had gone on the run after seriously injuring his former partner Samatha Stobbart, murdering her boyfriend Chris Brown and shooting and blinding Pc David Rathband in July last year.

An inquest into the 37-year-old brute’s death last week heard how he had survived seven days on the run from cops by scoffing dead MICE.

But now 79-year-old Betty Grove has spoken out saying “Moaty” also munched her three beloved six-month-old Persian MOGGIES!

Betty, who lives in Rothbury, Northumberland, where Moat’s stand-off with police took place, exclusively told Sunday Sport: “One minute the kittens were having fun in their pen in my garden, the next minute they’d gone, vanished.

“I’d only just turned my back on them. I searched high and low. “A few hours later, I learned Raoul Moat was believed to be hiding in the countryside behind my home. I’m convinced he snatched Tiddles, Mimsy and Buttons and cooked them on his campfire during the manhunt.

“He must have been desperate for food, and seeing my kittens must have sparked his appetite. They probably looked like a McDonald’s Happy Meal to him.”


Retired secretary Betty — a mum of four and grandmother of nine — says that despite repeated phone calls to the police she’s never found evidence of Moat’s kitty stew.

But the determined widow said: “If Moat was hungry enough to eat dead mice, then he must have been hungry enough to eat my kittens.

“Having him crop up here at the same time as they went missing is just too much of a coincidence. I’m still heartbroken by it all.”

Moat killed himself with a sawn-off shotgun after a six-hour stand-off with armed police. An inquest into his death continues this week.




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