Hitler WAS a Woman


SUNDAY Sport’s famous front page story which exposed Nazi boss Adolf Hitler as a secret woman was last week sensationally proved RIGHT!

Since 1988, when we scooped the world with the mind-boggling tale, scientists and historians have insisted the exclusive was a HOAX.

Now those self-same experts have been forced to eat their words after new research has proved we were spot on.

We revealed that Hitler, the madman behind Germany’s controversial wartime “kill all Jews” policy:

WORE slinky dresses in his Berlin bunker,

TOTTERED about in high heel shoes, and,

NAGGED other Nazi leaders about odd jobs.

Twenty-three years later a new book – Secret Weapons: Technology, Science And The Race To Win World War II by Cardiff University’s Professor Brian Ford – has proved we were on target like a Stalingrad sniper.


Prof Ford’s research has revealed that the Allies secretly schemed to smuggle female sex hormones into the Fuhrer’s food supply in an attempt to curb his aggression.

He said: “There was an Allied plan that they would smuggle oestrogen into Hitler’s food and change his sex so he would become more feminine and less aggressive.

Their research had showed the importance of sex hormones – they were beginning to be used in sex therapy in London.

“The plan was to give sex hormones to Hitler and counterbalance his unnecessary aggression.”

Last night, history expert Joshua Cohen said: “The experts scoffed at Sunday Sport for all these years.

“These were the same experts who said Hitler’s Diaries were real. Fools! They’re all fools!”




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