Secret Snaps From Posh Student Grad Ball Orgy


OXFORD’S dreaming spires, hushed libraries and centuries of academic excellence make it THE ancient university town.

The magnificent seat of learning has educated Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton and Have I Got News For You stalwart Ian Hislop.

But there’s another side to Oxford, away from the bookish dons and mad-haired scientists.

With its thousands of young, well-heeled undergraduates, Oxford is a hotbed of ORGIES. And here are the photographs to prove it!

The lucky scholars who got their passports to Oxford after getting A* passes in last week’s A-level results will be thrilled to learn this sort of romp is waiting for them.

Sunday Sport was passed the snaps by a student who graduated this summer –– we’ve agreed to keep his identity a secret as he’s landed a top job at the Foreign Office.

He told us in an upperclass drawl: “Don’t think for a moment that three years at Oxford is all books and revising.

“When you see Inspector Morse on the telly, you may believe the only way Oxford people relax is by going to the opera or eating roast swan at college banquets.

“But these are young people, thrown together for three years with a lot of alcohol in the mix.


“Of course they let their hair down –– and let a lot of other things down too!

“These pictures were all taken after the Graduation Ball this summer. One wild night of hedonism before everyone heads off to jobs in the City, Civil Service or the BBC.

“Keep hold of these shots –– the people having sex with each other here are the real movers and shakers of the future.”




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