A HALF-TON bloater on a mission to become the world’s fattest woman is earning a fortune stripping off for saucy online snaps, we can exclusively reveal.

Gutsy Susanne Eman weighs a staggering 52-stone — as much as standard Mini Cooper car minus its engine. She’s cramming her cakehole with a whopping 20,000 calories a day in a bid to pile on even MORE heft in order to bag the tag of heaviest of all time.

Amazingly, some men can’t get enough of the 32-year-old’s curves. And chubby-chasers pay £10 a time to feast on her gargantuan gut and colossal bottom on kinky ‘Supersized Women’ websites.

Staggering Susanne, from Casa Grande, Arizona, goes by the name ‘Celestial’ on the site, which specialises in women of girth.

Here, 56G honey Susanne — who has a 63-inch waist — pulls out all the stops to please lard lovers. She can be seen flopped over a sofa in nothing but a tiny bra, seductively looking at the camera with one of her sausage fingers in her mouth.


In other pics she even dares to spread her legs, giving viewers a glimpse of her cavernous knicker-clad gusset.

Mum-of-two Susanne said: “The bigger I get, the better I feel. My goal is to be 57st by the end of the year. I should be 115st by age 41 or 42.

“Why not see how fat I can get? I want to break the stigma that being fat is a bad thing.” At 115st, Susanne would beat Carol Yager, of Flint, Michigan, believed to have peaked at 114st to be crowned history’s heaviest.

Writing on the Supersized Bombshells website Susanne says: “I think there is nothing sexier than extra curves. “Handle with care, though, this many curves and folds can be dangerous ;-) . ”




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