Hang in there Mike, think about the good times…

IF MEMORIES were made of gold Lotto loser Michael Carroll would still be the RICHEST bloke in Britain.

Because the former binman, who blew his £10MILLION winnings in just EIGHT YEARS, once enjoyed a topless visit from two Sunday Sport stunnas!

Stella-slurping bad-boy Carrol, now 28 has vowed to battle his demons.

Last week he attempted to hang himself – the latest of two suicide bids Carroll’s made after frittering his fortune.

He famously hit the jackpot back in 2002 when he was still a fresh faced, sovereign ringwearing 19-year-old, and the self-styled “Lotto Lout” immediately began pissing his wadup the wall.

We paid the gold chain loving hellraiser a visit at his sprawling £750,000 gaff in Swaffham, Norfolk, shortly after his headline-grabbing win.


He’d been annoying his posh neighbours by holding banger racing and quad bike battles in his garden and enjoying all-night coke benders with hookers.

But curtain-twitching locals couldn’t help but gawp when our sexy duo Vikki Thomas, 31, and Emily Stupple, 29, helped Mike to really blow his load!

Mike was left open mouthed as 34E Emily and 30G Vikki pushed their boobs in his face in the back of his personalised “King of Chavs” black Mercedes van.

Mike, who is now living on benefits in a two-bed semi in nearby Downham Market, says that he’s determined to get on with his life following two failed attempts to top himself.

The 20-stone dad-of-two, who’s been dumped by his girlfriend Gemma Peak, said: “I don’t want to do anything silly again. I want to keep going for my kids.”

Mike says a lot of his money was frittered away while drunk, including the time he “lost” a brand new £20,000 BMW Z3 car because he’d lent it to someone and “forgot” who it was.

He blew a mint on cars and parties, but he was also forced to pay £130,000 to evil blackmailers. Generous Mike also gave his mum, sister and aunt a cool £1m each following his life-changing bonanza.




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