CBeebies Presenter’s Topless Sensation…

Say “Eh oh!” to Pui Fan Lee – the kids TV star with a saucy BOOBS-OUT secret.

The stunning British-Chinese babe is a presenter on the Beeb’s much-loved pre-school education programme, Show Me Show Me. She was also inside Teletubby Po’s costume in the hugely popular 90s kids’ TV show. And once you have seen these racy TOPLESS pics of the pretty presenter, we’re sure you’ll all be reaching for your TINKY WINKY!


Pint-sized Pui, 42, currently presents Show Me Show Me alongside Chris Jarvis, 44, on the BBC’s digital TV channel, CBeebies. The popular series features five playful characters, Mo Mo, Tom, Stuffy, Miss Mouse and Teddington – each with their own song.

But Pui certainly wasn’t playing when she whipped out her pert boobs in a late night drama series on Channel 4.

The Nottingham-born beauty flashed her boobs in Metrosexuality, a six-part drama from 2001 about a group of pals in Notting Hill, west London.

A Beeb insider said: “Most of Pui’s fans weren’t even so much as a glint in their dad’s eye when she got her kit off on screen.

“These grabs prove she’s always had a playful side and that she’s a lot of fun – good for her!”




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