“I sleep in the nude so I don’t waste any time taking anything off!”


REAMS of political analysis or the inner thoughts of a Midweek Sport stunna – it’s a no brainer really! Our stuffy rivals are increasingly adopting the approach of boring their readers to death – but you won’t be surprised to learn that we think quite the opposite!

Where could be a more delightful place to roam than in the mind of a girl who likes nothing more than taking off her clothes for a living – and all for your benefit, too! This week we were chatting to that most ultimate of fantasies – top Swedish blonde ANDREA FELLDIN, 26, who has magnificent 34C boobs.

And she is VERY popular with Policemen…


Well, I’m from Sweden, where we all have a very relaxed attitude towards sex. I’ve met some people who think the whole Scandinavian thing is a cliché, but it’s not – we really are very sexual people, and I don’t see anything wrong with that! Making love outside is lovely.

But I split my time between the UK and Canada and both countries can get quite cold in the winter – so you have to pick your moment! Away from the cameras, I’m no exhibitionist, but a little al fresco sex from time to time can be very stimulating. I’ve never been caught out, and I don’t want to be, but the thought of it is quite exciting!


Again, I’m quite relaxed about pornography, and I really enjoyed my recent photoshoot with Playboy in America. We are all naked underneath after all, aren’t we?

I wouldn’t like to appear in a porn film, though, and I can’t say I spend an awful lot of time watching adult stuff. But it can certainly liven up an evening when my boyfriend… er, let’s leave it at that!


Ha ha! You know, you’d be surprised by how often I get asked that question. And most of the time it’s from other girls. We’re very curious about each other’s bodies, us ladies.

The truth is, I’ve had both. Sometimes it’s nice to have just a neat, tidy line and other times I like to be completely free. My boyfriend likes me either way, so I like to surprise him by swapping and changing. It keeps him interested!


Can I have both? I actually got into a little bit of trouble a couple of years ago when I wrote on my blog that a policeman had let me and a girlfriend off for speeding because we were on our way back from a job and were wearing our low cut modelling outfits.

It caused quite a bit of a stir in Sweden because people said the policeman should be punished for not giving us a ticket. But the truth is he had no speed radar gun and so had no evidence against us.

He did his job perfectly well and we drove the rest of the way far more carefully! Getting back to the original question though – don’t all girls like a man in uniform? It gives them an air of authority, and sometimes we just love being told what to do!


It entirely depends how I’m feeling and who I’m with. Pyjamas are great for mooching around the house on a Sunday morning. But sexy silk or satin nighties – nice and short – are great for the bedroom.

The truth is I normally sleep in the nude. That way I don’t have to waste any time taking anything off!


Only the two positions? I always think, ‘why constrict yourself to just two?’ Being on all fours with your man coming at you from behind is divine. But I’ve never really got why people think that doing it in the missionary position is boring.

It’s not – it’s nice and really intimate when you can look into the eyes of the person you’re having sex with, don’t you think?


I think everyone secretly fantasises about having an orgy. I mean, it’s the ultimate, isn’t it? The thought of all those naked bodies writhing around, entwined with each other. I actually feel a bit horny just thinking about that now!

But even with my Scandinavian blood, I reckon I’m probably too chicken to go and act it out for real. I’m keeping it as one of my fantasies, though. You never know!




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