Husband watched me shag young lodger

Dear Linsey,
I MUST be one of the luckiest women alive, because my husband loves to see me bonking other men. This suits me, because it means I have an unending supply of dick –– without any complications. It all started when we took in a young man of 22 as a lodger. Although I’m 40, and have been married for 20 years, the lad couldn’t take his eyes off me. When I told my husband, he shocked me by saying I should encourage the lodger because he wanted to see me being shafted by another man. And to my surprise, I found myself really turned on by the thought. So two nights later, I lay in wait for the younger fella. I dressed in a sexy short skirt and opened a bottle of wine and invited him to join my hubby and me for a drink. My husband asked him: “What do you think of my missus?”and the lad was a bit stunned. I explained what we wanted and there was no doubt he was up for it –– judging by the big bulge in his trousers. I began undressing him as my hubbywatched and the lad laid me on the sofa, spreading my thighs wide apart. He spent ages licking my pussy before screwing me, as my hubby fondled my boobs. Now I have the urge to try some nlesbian love. Will my husband enjoy that?
ID, Kent
Linsey says: I’M sure he will. Most men go wild for it.



Written by Sunday Sport

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