GETTING stuck in a lift for three hours is most people’s idea of a nightmare. But three couples who became stranded in an elevator in a Birmingham office block found a way to kill time…they had an orgy! And thankfully for Sunday Sport readers, the whole cum-burping episode was caught on a security camera and leaked online.

The story began on Tuesday afternoon when a power outage brought lifts to a standstill at Saint’s Rise Way House, a shared office accommodation block in central Birmingham. The cut caused chaos at the six-storey block, which houses the business premises of various organisations from government departments to trendy PR companies. Security staff soon discovered that at the time of the fault, only one lift – number four – was between floors.


A source at the building’s security company – who we have agreed not to identify for fear of reprisals – told us: “We got in contact via the intercom and warned the occupants that they were likely to be stuck for some time.

“As it happened, they were three couples who were attending some kind of all-day customer relations marketing seminar on the fourth floor. “They had been sent out for an all-expenses-paid lunch by the marketing company and by all accounts they were a bit tipsy when they got back for the afternoon.” And the combination of booze and confined space soon worked its magic – for the couples eventually started romping inside the lift.

Our mole told us: “I kept checking on them via the security camera in the lift. For the first hour nothing happened but then I noticed some clothing was being loosened. “When I looked back after two hours there appeared to be a full-on orgy going on! I’ve no idea if they knew there was a camera there – if they did, it didn’t put them off in the least.

“From what I saw, there was the lot. Oral, full sex, a bit of rimming, plenty of fingering and a bit of swapping when two of the girls put on a bit of a lesbo show for the lads. “When we got the lifts working again after three hours they emerged as though nothing had happened.”


Our man said the incident had caused quite a stir.

He said: “We had a laugh about it in the security office, I can tell you. “But there was hell on when the footage appeared on the internet. “The bosses are on the warpath. First they are angry that our security footage was leaked and second, they don’t’ want Saint’s Rise Way House to become known as some sort of knocking shop!” Last night a spokesman for Saint’s Rise Way House Ltd said he had “no comment whatsoever” to make about the incident.




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