She’s 44, loves sex, is looking for a toyboy and, oh yes… she’s called FANNY


SHE’S hot, single and looking for lust – she’s a randy MILF called FANNY! Gorgeous Fanny Fox, 44, is single again and searching for seduction with a young, strapping lad who can tend to her needs. The mother-of-two, from Esher, Surrey, says she’s bombarded with attention from plucky lads in their 20s, all desperate for a chance with her.

Self-confessed cougar Fanny, who has whopping 32G boobs, told us she’s searching for the perfect toyboy – and one of our own Sunday Sport readers might be in for a chance!


The all-natural babe revealed: “I do get a lot of attention when I’m out. Younger guys always chat me up and ask for my phone number. “I like the attention and I think a toyboy would be fun. I’m open to trying it, I just need to find my perfect one. “A lot of men are into the cougar type. They want someone who’s more experienced and can teach them a thing or two. “I’m not blowing my own trumpet, but I think it’s because men like an older, confident woman – someone who’s comfortable in her own skin.

“Obviously it’s very flattering, and I do love the attention. It’s nice to still feel pretty, especially after having kids. People have this idea that you should calm down once you hit 40, but not me – I’m still the one going out every weekend and having a good time.”

Fanny would like to find Mr Right, but in the meantime is on the prowl for hot, young men. Since splitting from the father of her two children, she says it’s been hard to find someone to satisfy her every need in the bedroom. But if you reckon you’re in for a chance, make sure you’re up to the job because naughty Fanny expects nookie at least three times a day!


She quipped: “I do have quite a high sex drive. I may be in my 40s but I still need a man who’ll keep up with me in the sack. “The best thing about being a cougar is definitely the sex. Younger men have a lot more stamina and they always want to please you.

“They make me feel young and excited again like I did when I was in my 20s and they love fun things like dressing up. “Some people might not agree with dating younger guys, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”




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